Listen 6am to 10am to Our New Morning Show. The Anna & Raven Show.

Making our NEW morning show official, say hi to Anna & Raven 👋

Anna is a mother of two girls who loves Zumba (and secretly Outback Steakhouse 🤫), and Raven is a married forty-something with way too many pets in his house (don’t worry Raven, us too!)

They have a great show lined up for you every morning, including Couple’s Court, where a couple joins the show and vents about their disagreement and you get to decide who’s right! Or if you’re feeling lucky, join them for Can’t Beat Raven, where you can go head to head with Raven on pop culture trivia, and win thousands! 🤑

This duo will be waking up with you every morning 5am-10am on Katy 101.3, so be sure to join in and get to know Anna & Raven!

For more info and all of their social channels, click here.